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Kobe & Gigi Hoodie


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Like father like daughter

Front Image: The broken heart signifies the pain we felt from losing Kobe and Gigi so tragically. Using purple and yellow to represent the city that took the biggest loss, we added the band-aid with Kobe and Gigi on it to symbolize the way we’ve dealt with the hurt is by keeping their name alive.

Back Image: The #2 seen inside the #8 is a representation of the way Gigi embodied her father on and off the court. Adding the wings and halo defined the outcome of their unforeseen demise but a reminder that they are watching over the city of angels.

Quality : Providing 100% cotton to bring the proper quality, comfort and durability with just the right texture.

Print : High quality printing made to remain in good condition after being used in washer/dryer. For the best outcome, air dry or send to cleaners. Reverse when washing/drying.

Placement : Design positioned on the left chest side at 4×4 inches. Back side positioned at 9X11 inches.

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